Bergh Design Studio


About Bergh Design Studio

Bergh Design studio is located in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and specialised in graphic and product design. I work closely together with customers to develop unique, creative and wholistic solutions for marketing and brand identities. I support the full lifecycle of product and corporate identity development which may start with the naming of a new company and go all the way to the marketing and presentation of a physical product. The studio has realised a range of projects including the design and manufacturing of promotional products and high quality furniture, but also user experience design for mobile app development and product material studies.

The studio is founded by Carina van den Bergh who studied 'textile design' at the Maastricht Academy of fine Arts and 'Man and Mobility' at Design Academy Eindhoven and has 10+ years experience in the (graphic) design industry.


"I can be inspired by almost everything around me. A story that I have read, the memory of my grandmother’s cabinet or seeing beauty in ordinary everyday things around me. By using my imagination, I love to tell stories in my designs. In an intuitive and inquisitive way I design on- and offline products which are characterised by simplicity and have attention to detail."


I'm Carina!

Through my love of design and my passion to create, I aim to equip small businesses with a strong foundation through brand development and design.